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Where We End



Slaughterhouse feat. Ming

What They Ask For

Rick Ross feat Young Breed Produced By David Breed

Dont Fuk With Me

Voli x Ming x Jai Paul


AZ Feat. Ming

Against The Current

Chali 2na feat. Ming

Already Got Me Sold



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Ming Xia

In Summer 2014, sirens of the music world will go off as the reborn, acclaimed singer-songwriter Ming Xia takes the stage. Ming Xia was Formerly apart the of the internationally-renowned music group The Spooks, NY-native Ming has graced some of the best stages in the world, developing growing followings across the globe with releases like Things I’ve Seen and S.I.O.S.O.S Vol.1. And this year, she officially returns as a soloist with a sound all her own. Ming’s music has been described as uniquely experiential. Her lyrics: as grounded as they are ethereal. The melodies: as haunting as they are inspiring. Each track engenders an undeniably exhilarating response that runs the gamut of sensory experiences. Her highly-anticipated emergence will reintroduce the perception of music as an art-form to be experienced.

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The Spooks

Inspired by the rap/R&B success of the Fugees, Spooks came together in the late ’90s with a similar message and group structure, but a much different musical approach. Consisting of vocalist Ming Xia and MCs Mr. Booka-T, Vengeance, Water Water, and Hypno, the group’s male-female dynamic brought comparisons to the Fugees almost immediately. The difference lies in the production, which referenced trip-hop and jungle and rarely stuck to a typical hip-hop structure. Boasting this unique approach, the group recorded S.I.O.S.O.S., Vol. 1 in 1999 for Artemis Records. The album was a huge success in Europe, where it turned gold in France, Belgium, Sweden, and Germany. They re-released the record and put together a live band for their live shows in an attempt to woo U.S. audiences, and they did!


  • Sweden

    325,530 Units Sold
  • United Kingdom

    543,368 Units Sold
  • France

    450,783 Units Sold
  • Belgium

    375,156 Units Sold


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